“Our Commitment to the Patient continues even after Discharge”

Our treatment process is not only limited to the stay period it extends beyond it. We provide a personalized aftercare program in which the focus is on best making the transition from hospital to the community. Our Aftercare Programs are specifically designed to instill in our Patients the skills and confidence they need to complete their journey from Recovery to Revitalized living.

While our therapeutic interventions provides you with better understanding and practical ways to improve your life, recovery often continues when you return home. Structured support is highly recommended during this period, in order to keep you ‘on-track’.

After going home it is very important to be in link with your therapist so that anytime you face difficulty or realize that there is any personal or environmental factor which can affect your recovery, you can take a follow-up session and seek help from them.

Your Aftercare therapist helps you to review your progress, to discuss any problems you may be facing and to help inspire and motivate you to maintain and improve upon any gains you have made. For this reason, we will contact you from time to time to stay in touch and to assure you of our continued support.

Our Aftercare programme includes:

Regular follow ups with the patients.

  • Support to the Carer.
  • Management of expressed emotions of the family.
  • Life Skills Training
  • Coping skills enhancement
  • Enhancing responsible decision making