What is Anxiety Disorder?

Feeling anxious is a natural phenomenon. Anxiety is felt when a person faces any kind of real or perceived threat. A person can experience anxiety when speaking in front of a crowd, facing a camera, or just before entering an exam. For some people, this normal experience of feeling anxious becomes more common and frequent. It starts to cause distress and interference with their daily work, life and relationships.

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What Friends and Family Can Do To Help An Individual Dealing with Anxiety?

Learning About Anxiety

A crucial step is to learn about anxiety and the approaches that are helpful for your loved one in the long run. Psychoeducation can play a significant role in understanding anxiety disorder.

Encourage Treatment 

If your loved one’s anxiety is becoming a problem for them, encourage them to seek appropriate treatment by talking to a mental health professional.

Remembering Not To Push

 Don’t push your loved one’s to try new techniques and practices to deal with their anxiety. Give them an appreciation for even the smallest accomplishment.

Remember that everyone experiences anxiety differently

Be tolerant, supportive, and nonjudgmental. Respect your loved one’s feelings even if you don’t understand what precisely they are going through.

Realize and accept stressful periods

Adjust your expectations of how your loved one should act, and be sure to be extra supportive during difficult times.

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