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Job Description

    • Taking care of all psychological assessment including mental state examination, personality test, cognitive tests, neuro-cognitive tests, and IQ assessments.
    • Taking care of risk assessment, family assessment and making the comprehensive formulation.
    • Planning a detailed psychological treatment preparation for a patient including him and his family.
    • Taking care of all psychological therapies and the cognitive therapies with patient.
    • Taking care of the group therapies (psychological) in ward.
    • Seeing all walk-in and follow up patients for psychological services.
    • Family interventions.
    • Taking care of the work plan and responsibilities of other trainees and junior psychologists.
    • Providing them the training for therapeutic plans and interventions.
    • Supervising them on their work-related stress.
    • Taking the training classes for Mindplus retreat, mindplus and mindfirst’s psychologists and trainees.
    • Making plans for further up-gradation of psychological services. These are the core areas.