Headache Clinic

Best Headache Treatment Clinic in India

Headache is a common problem in both adults and children but unfortunately continues to be ignored by many. All of us have experienced headache at some point or other. Most headaches are self limiting (in that they go away on their own). However regular or incessant (persistent) headaches can interfere with routine functioning and require more detailed evaluation.
Migraine and various other type of headaches related to tension and sinus can be quite persistent and sometimes do not respond to routine pain killers. Despite recent advances, headaches in medical practice continue to be under diagnosed and inadequately treated. Headache can have some serious repercussions in terms of depleted productivity and the money spent on unfruitful treatment.

The last two decades have seen great advancement in terms of understanding of different types of headaches and thus has paved new paths for headache treatment. Migraine although very common can be difficult to treat, and our individualized approach ensures a speedy recovery. We, at our headache clinic, devise a tailor made headache and migraine treatment depending upon the patient’s triggers and symptoms. Effective treatment can reduce or ameliorate symptoms, improve productivity, performance and effectiveness in work, personal life and enhance quality of life.