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Depression is a character flaw and people should just snap out of it.

Fact: Research shows that depression has nothing to do with being lazy or weak. It results from changes in brain chemistry or brain function. Therapy and/or medication help people to recover.

Kids cannot have a mental illness like depression. Those are adult problems

Fact: Even children can experience mental illnesses. In fact, many mental illnesses first appear when a person is young. Mental illnesses may look different in children than in adults, but they are a real concern. Mental illnesses can impact the way young people learn and build skills, which can lead to challenges in the future. Unfortunately, many children don’t receive the help they need.

People who experience mental illnesses cannot work.

Fact: Whether you realize it or not, workplaces are filled with people who have experienced mental illnesses. Mental illnesses don’t mean that someone is no longer capable of working. Some people benefit from changes at work to support their goals. Most people who experience serious mental illnesses want to work but face systemic barriers to finding and keeping meaningful employment.

People who experience mental illnesses are weak and cannot handle stress.

Fact:  Stress impacts well-being, but this is true for everyone. People who experience mental illnesses may actually be better at managing stress than people who haven’t experienced mental illnesses. Many people who experience mental illnesses learn skills like stress management and problem-solving so they can take care of stress before it affects their well-being. Taking care of yourself and asking for help when you need it are signs of strength, not weakness.

Bad parenting causes mental illnesses.

Fact: No one factor can cause mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are complicated conditions that arise from a combination of genetics, biology, environment, and life experiences. Family members and loved ones do have a big role in support and

Mental illnesses are just an excuse for bad behavior.

Fact: It’s true that some people who experience mental illnesses may act in ways that are unexpected or seem strange to others. We need to remember that the strange behavior is because of illness , but not because of the patient himself. People who experience a change in their behaviour due to a mental illness may feel extremely embarrassed or ashamed around others.

Mental illnesses are not real illnesses.

Fact: The words we use to describe mental illnesses have changed greatly over time. What hasn’t changed is the fact that mental illnesses are not the regular ups and downs of life. Mental illnesses create distress, don’t go away on their own, and are real health problems with effective treatments. They are similar to physical illness which can be treated with medication and psychotherapy (talking therapy).

Mental illness is a result of black magic or evil spirits.

Fact: Mental illness is caused by genetic and environmental factors. Mental illness requires medical treatment and cannot be treated by magico religious practices.

Mental illnesses will never affect me.

Fact: Most of us will be affected by mental illnesses. Researchers estimate that as many as one in four individuals will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. You may not experience a mental illness yourself, but it’s very likely that a family member, friend, or co-worker will experience challenges.

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