Our Approach

Living with Mental Health difficulties is tough and needs special care.

No Health without Mental Health

At MindPlus, we care about the quality of care we provide and try to ensure that it is tailor made for each patient because we believe in bringing out a true difference. Our multidisciplinary team ascertains that a detailed bio-psychological assessment is done which is further discussed with the patient and family.

The assessment steps followed, in general, include:

  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Physical health and fitness
  • Assessment of biological parameters
  • Psychosocial evaluation

We take pride in adopting an evidence based approach to wellbeing and understand that the behavior is the result of both personal and environmental factors. Our biological make up, personality, skills, aptitude and values interact with our social experience and relationships. And this is the basis of how we help people understand their true goals and getting the best out of themselves and their surroundings. All patients are discussed at the outset in a multidisciplinary team so that, an effective management plan is drawn and periodical reviews be conducted.

Vision: To treat illness, sustain well-being and prevent psychological difficulties.

MindPlus envisions providing the best specialists in mental wellbeing and performance to help individuals optimize their capabilities and enhance their socio occupational functioning. We believe in the values of passion and commitment to make the right impact and visionary contribution to the society as a wellbeing service provider.

The Mind Plus Team works with the values of bringing together a spectrum of standardized, quality driven practices and establishing innovative health services. We strive to treat and provide long lasting relief for a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior.


The values that drive us include:

  • Excellence - We provide a high quality service at par with international healthcare standards
  • Integrity - We build trust by being respectful, open and transparent
  • Accountability - We are consistent and responsible towards our patients and their families
  • Respect - We treat individuals whilst maintaining their rights and dignity and that of their families
  • Confidentiality - Our service is structured so as to provide complete confidentiality to patients