Alcohol Dependence syndrome I didn’t even know I was addicted. Until I tried to stop.

Drug Dependence: At the root of all, addiction is the pain

Mr Sanju is a 32-year-old married male from Himachal Pradesh who was brought to the clinic by his family. He is a Lawyer by profession.

Sanju’s family reported that he started consuming heroin when he was 25 years old. Since then his quantity has increased and during the time of admission, he was taking 2.5-3gms/day. From past, one year family has seen increased irritability and aggressive behaviour towards them, disturbances in sleep and appetite, severe withdrawal, severe craving and use of injectable. He also had a history of ADHD

Mr Sanju was not motivated to leave drugs and never felt the need for treatment. Initial few weeks of the treatment were spent educating him about drug dependence and doing Motivation enhancement therapy. Towards the end of the month, his involvement in the treatment became better. Relapse Prevention counselling and 12 step program for narcotics anonymous were initiated with him.

During the last phase of treatment home visits and exposure outings were done which yielded productive results. A patient was able to apply his learning in his outings. Now since pat 1.5 years he is maintaining abstinence and has been coming for regular follow-ups.