Himadri is a Psychologist who works with individuals, couples and families. She assists people who experience emotional difficulties, demonstrates psychological symptoms and behavioural difficulties.

She finished her graduation, B.A (Psychology) from Govt. College for Girls, Ludhiana and post-graduation, M.A (Psychology) from Punjab University, Chandigarh.
Working as a psychologist, Himadari has 4 years of mental health experience in counselling, behaviour modification, and cognitive therapy. Her profile includes clinical tasks such as patient assessment, interventions, counselling and behavioural modifications.

Himawari’s approach towards patients has always been to have a relational (social and emotional) understanding of human distress. She employes her communication skills for psychoeducation which has helped families and friends in understanding the illness of the patient.

She has worked with various conditions and mental illness encompassing:

· Anxiety, fears and phobia
· Domestic and interpersonal issues
· Memory and concentration
· Behavioural issues
· Trauma therapy
· Marital Issues