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Under this illness, the patient in elderly age, experiencing it for the first time is often due to dementia or neurological condition. Here, the patient may experience unusual or false perceptions like delusions or Visual or auditory hallucinations. It may further worsen to condition the patient’s ability to cope with routine work.

Psychosis can have an influence on the following:

  • Perception – Seeing, observing, understanding and interpreting reality.
  • Cognition – thinking processes, ideas, thoughts, logical development
  • Mood – Feeling low, sad, uneasy, depressed or detached
  • Personality – feeling you are not really yourself, loosing onto your own
  • Behaviour – actions and responses, control on self weakens
  • Movement – involuntary body movements

Some of the major risk factors for developing psychosis:

  • Chronic bed rest
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Female gender
  • Sensory impairment
  • Social isolation

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