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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Summer Blues or Winter Blues is clinically related to mood disorders that occur at the same time in a particular season among people who normally maintain good psychological health throughout the year. Common symptoms of SAD either come out in early summer or early winter that upsets an affected person’s biological clock and impacts mood with grumpy, anxious and sad feelings. Women are prey to it; whereas people who have less exposure to winter daylights aged between 15- 55 are prone to have this affective seasonal disorder. Serotonin, a brain chemical, is the major cause that triggers SAD.

Seasonal Affective Disorder instigates poor concentration and disinterest in life. No longer known as a unique mood disorder, SAD is a common mood disorder among people who lived in enclosed places.


  • Lethargy and mood swings
  • Feeling gloomy and upset
  • Episodes of hypomania
  • Loss of libido and weak immune system
  • Less sleep and feeling sad
  • Craves for carbohydrate and skipping proper meals
  • Dramatic weight gain or weight loss
  • Isolating or avoiding facing relatives
  • Irritation and anguish
  • No interest in regular life activities


Seasonal Affective Disorder is the outcome of biochemical imbalance that adversely affects sleep, appetite and mood among people. Mind Plus provides efficient psychological therapies and safe medications to release stress and to relax the mind as well as body.

Non- sedative Selective Serotonin Reuptake and Inhibitors (SSIR’s) always work well on depressive symptoms of SAD. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provides quick aid to SAD patients. Antidepressants increase the chances of comfortable sleep and bring the normal mood back. Moreover, psychologists operate their hourly counselling to build up confidence among sufferers. Group discussions and individual programs are conducted to keep SAD sufferers busy as well as to keep them motivated.

Mind Plus leads with a mission of improving the quality of life among Seasonal Affective Disorder patients.

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