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Personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression disorder or substance abuse patients have the potential to exhibit self- harming intents. Deliberate self- harm behaviour may instigate suicidal tendencies under stressful circumstances. Degree of SH varies according to the stage of Self- harm. Arms, legs and abdominal area are frequently used to express self- harm intentions.

Deliberate Self Harm occurs at any age among teenagers, adults, men and women due to disturbed mental functioning and doubtful behaviour. Overwhelming distressing environment and chronic psychological disturbance lead to SH.


  • Problematic life events and impulsiveness
  • Depression, anxiety and negative thoughts
  • Personality disturbance and low self- esteem
  • Chronic drug abuse and eating disorders
  • Abusive environment or no support from family members
  • Bulimia, Anorexia and schizophrenia
  • Losing interest in life and mental illness or trauma
  • Poor problem- solving ability and lack of confidence
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse
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Mind Plus’s professional psychological healthcare experts devised a wide array of effective self-harm treatment and cure programs to help out SH sufferers. Practised psychological consultants and psychiatrists heal the soul and body of an SH patient with appropriate therapeutic programs.

Firstly the causes behind Self Harm tendencies are examined and after measuring the severity of causes suitable medications and therapies are advised. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is one powerful tool that trains patient to control immense stress during typical weather. Anxiety soothes down and allows the mind to relax and opt for regular life.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is considered as a milestone to control suicidal tendencies and intentional harms among SH sufferers. Patients express an amazing improvement after going through a package of SH treatment.

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