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The outpatient facility intensive and structured care where a team of doctors and psychologists asses the patient and make a plan for treatment. In this type of facility, treatment mainly includes psychological therapies, medical therapies such as repetitive trans cranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and medications to patient, Along with this it also caters to follow-up cases of inpatients and rehabilitation. Outpatient treatment is best suited for patient who are able to manage and maintain well at home with medicines.


Inpatient facility functions in a multidisciplinary. Mind Plus has a comprehensive Inpatient facility for observation, treatment and stabilization of acutely ill individuals. Individuals  are admitted after  proper assessment by psychiatrists and psychologists. The patient remains under the supervision of professionals.


Psychiatric rehabilitation is an aspect of treatment that focuses on helping the person return to an optimal level of functioning and to achieve their life goals. This is brought about by providing medical, psychological and social care to the patient. It is process in which a person prepared to resume normal life after an illness and to restore them at their best-self.