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Sexual Dysfunction or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotency describes the inability to maintain an erection level adequate for having satisfactory intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction is a clinical term that relates to poor sexual performance or drives due to which an affected person feels helpless to achieve the desired threshold in a sexual course. Psychological barriers and emotional stress is a common issue behind ED. In addition to this, excessive stress, anger and immense tension decrease the sexual urge and result in impotence.

Sexual Dysfunction is curable as the triggering factors can be treated with the help of benchmarked treatments. Erectile Dysfunction may result in premature ejaculation but it does not impact sensual feelings. Adverse effects cause deficiency of required sex drive or stimulation. Dryness is the common sign of Sexual Dysfunction among females.


  • Lack of sex desire
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Difficulty in attaining required stimulation or accomplishing orgasm
  • Arousal problems among women
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Occupational stress and anxiety
  • Sexual trauma or feeling of guilt
  • A stressful lifestyle and unhealthy food consumption


Consulting with healthcare professionals at Mind Plus is always helpful to ED sufferers. Relationship counsellors initiate easy acceptance of ED and educate a sufferer with associated factors causing Sexual Dysfunction. Psychologists figure out the state and duration of ED problems among ED patients as the causes and symptoms vary in individuals.

Psychiatrists recommend suitable therapies encompassing of Hormonal Therapy Sessions along with required medications in order to boost up sexual power. Dryness and arousal problems are treated with suitable remedies including sex drive stimulators. Lifestyle changes are suggested to workaholic people. Alterations in diet and eating habits are provided to ensure good health.

Psychologists conduct counselling modules in which patients practising masturbation are being counselled to opt for natural sex rather than self – initiated. Fears, depression and hesitation related mental blocks are completely cured during therapies and treatments.

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