What is Stress?

In general terms, Stress refers to the experience of events that are perceived as threatening to one’s physical or psychological well-being. Challenges of life, interpersonal problems, and difficult social circumstances can all contribute to the feeling of stress. But all stress is not bad. Some level of stress is good for an individual and may help in achieving peak performance and managing the minor crisis.
However, stress can become ‘distress’ when an individual faces continuous challenges without respite or relaxation and the manifestation of this stress can lead to the body’s wear and tear on the physical and psychological level.

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Understanding Stress?

Symptoms of Stress ?

Tips to Manage Stress?

What Friends and Family Can Do To Help An Individual Dealing with Stress?

Find Out the Reason

Ask your loved one why they are feeling stressed. It could be due to dealing with work pressure, relationship issues, or financial constraint.

Consider Professional Help

Appropriate treatment from a health care professional can help your loved ones to cope with stressful situations more efficiently.

Ask them How you Can Help

Ask your loved ones how you can help them deal with the stress. Listen to them carefully and be their support system.

Spend Time With Your Loved One

Going for a walk, watching a movie, helping them with their work can help them redirect their mind from a stressful situation.

Remembering Not To Push

Don’t push your loved one’s to try new techniques and practices to deal with their anxiety. Give them an appreciation for even the smallest accomplishment.

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