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Mental health affects how we think, feel and act. How we perceive the world around us can be influenced by how we feel. When we are stressed or depressed, we view the world in a negative manner. This can make us react in a defensive manner, making it difficult for those around us to support us. Addiction is a mental health disorder in which an individual is unable to experience pleasure from day to day life experiences and is often accompanied by an underlying mood disorder.

Mind Plus is a state of the art facility that provides treatment for mental health conditions and addictions in the heart of Punjab. Treatment is provided by a qualified multidisciplinary team, in comfortable surroundings. A large number of our clients travel from the West, especially from Canada, US and UK to our facility for treatment for the following reasons:

Mental health is cultural:

We are sometimes better able to understand the cultural and familial contexts than treatment providers in the West. This means that we can formulate conditions correctly and address therapy accordingly.


Those living in the West are sometimes concerned about how their medical information might be shared between treatment providers.


Treatment providers in the West may share medically confidential information with insurance providers, leading to higher premiums.
Stigma: Patients and families are concerned about having to disclose their treatment details to employers or other agencies without being ensured about how this information may affect their changes of employability, immigration or education.

Waiting list:

Often treatment providers in the West have waiting lists that mean that the necessary treatment may be not be readily available. In such circumstances it is easier to travel to India and get treatment instead of having to wait and suffer.


In case privately funded health care services are required, these are prohibitively expensive. Comparatively costs of treatment in India are several fold less.


Our treatment quality is at par with those provided in the West, we follow internationally recognized guidelines for treatment. We also address other co-morbid medical or dental complaints so that during the same period of treatment, individuals can get multiple issues addressed.

Taking a break:

Suffering a mental health condition or addiction is stressful on both the individual and the family. Often individuals club a trip to India along with getting treatment for their condition. We routinely admit individuals for 1-2 months where they get treatment and visit local sights such as the Golden Temple.

There is truly no health without mental health. The World Health Organization defines health as not just the absence of illness but good physical , mental and social well-being. Our goal is to help all our clients maximize their potential and well-being and remove obstacles to their growth and prosperity.


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